You’re coming in to escape your pain or perhaps find balance and find a way to deal with a mounting sense of anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

We know that you’re seeking a desired result – not just the perfect execution of a specific style of bodywork.

How we get our clients the Results they desire most often comes from mixing techniques together and integrating them into one session.

We might mix Deep Tissue or Cupping into a Swedish Massage, or some Thai or Reiki into more of a Sports Massage.

It’s the our job to know which techniques might be advisable in that moment – to know which path to take you on your journey towards wellness.

This Results vs Technique reasoning is why, instead, we offer Integrated Massage Sessions.

When you book, you’ll see 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120min sessions – not the 3 basics: Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

* Added techniques Like Cupping, Pre-Natal or Thai have separate listings due to set up and vary by therapist.  (Integrated Massage can be added to any of these specialties)

Let us be your Guide as you Explore the many and varied destinations of Massage and Wellness.

  – If you have a specific question about your condition, request that the therapist call you prior to the session (simply ask when speaking with our receptionists or in the Notes section of our Online Booking)

 – Not sure if massage is not recommended for a specific health condition?
Use this link as a reference:   MASSAGE CONTRAINDICATIONS

 – When Massage is contraindicated, Reiki can be a valid option
Learn more about Energy Work HERE.

“Caring, effective professional. Nicole will consult with you to discuss all of what ails you. If you have a problem she is not familiar with, she will study up on it before your next visit. Magic hands. Knows every part of the body and how to address its needs. Kind personality, relaxing atmosphere. I recommend her to everyone.”
Little Silver, NJ